Hubbbyte Toy Store x GSC Lucky Box

Vendor: Good Smile Company
Due to the support you have shown us during 9/9 sale, we'll be having a major SALE!!! Price is ONLY Php 1666 per box. You shall receive 1 Nendoroid product from...



Due to the support you have shown us during 9/9 sale, we'll be having a major SALE!!!

Price is ONLY Php 1666 per box.

You shall receive 1 Nendoroid product from us for each box!  Customers may receive rare/exclusives.

Save up to 50% off!!!

A. SLOTS/Maximum Order Quantity

1. Regular Customer: Maximum 1 slot.

2. SUKI/Nendo Mine Members: Maximum 3 slots.

3. Supporter (Customers who purchased via our 9/9 sale until 9/15)
For every Php 1000 spent via Shopee/Lazada, customer can buy a maximum of 6 slots.


B. Shipping Fee

1. Metro Manila

a. NinjaVan - Php 100 / Lucky Box

b. LBC - Php 340 / (Maximum 2 pieces can fit 1 Kilo Box) (if you order 3, please pay Php 340 times 2 or Php 680)

c. LalaMove/Grab Express (we will be communicating with you via personal message, no need to fill-up Lalamove/Grab Express Form after batches have been prepared.) 

2. Provincial (we will pay for the insurance/handling)
a. Ninjavan Php 180/Lucky Box 
b. LBC: Php 340/Lucky Box
c. AP Cargo (if your location can be served by AP Cargo, they can charge shipping upon delivery)


Q1. I'm not a SUKI/Mine member, and have not bought anything from you yet, how many Lucky Box can I buy?
A1: Only 1 slot.

Q2: I bought Php 2000 worth of items from your Shopee/Lazada, how many pieces can I buy?
A2: You can buy 2 * 6 = total of 12 pieces (For every 1000, you can buy a maximum of 6 pieces).

Q3: I'm a SUKI/Mine member who have bought at least Php 1000 from your shop, how many can I order?
A3: You can order 3 + 6 slots for a total of 9 pieces.

Q4: How much is the lowest item in the pool/inventory?
A4: The lowest is Php 2000.  Customers can get prizes worth as much as Php 3400 up to 4500 and above (if rare/EXCLUSIVE).

Q5: Will I receive duplicates?
A5: It is assured that customers will not receive any duplicates per 6 pieces ordered.

Q6: Will you include a FREE BOSS PROTECTOR?
A6: Our BOSS PROTECTOR is currently for sale via SHOPEE, please buy from there separately.

Q7: Promo is until when?
A7: Promotion runs from September 13-15, 2021 only.

Q8: How can you know our address if we don't need to fill-up shipping form?
A8: We will use your provided address upon checking out. Please use standard shipping or Lalamove/Grab. Shipping is NOT FREE

Q9: When are you going to send the prizes?
A9: We will be shipping by batch, first paid first served. Earliest will be within the week.

Q10: What should I do after checking out?
A10: You can pay for the total + shipping (refer to Shipping information above).

Q11: Where should I pay?

Shortcut >>>

Make sure that your order is confirmed/checked out via website before sending payments. 

Paypal Account:

Your account should be Verified by Paypal.
Use “Send money to friends and family” method.
No charges should be incurred to us. We’ll refund right away for you to pay again.

BANK (Account Name: Dashiell Lapay)

BDO: 00-6250-2678-58 (QR CODE: )

BPI SAVINGS: 3209-0111-49 (QR CODE


Metrobank: 272-3-272-42031-0


Account Name: Dashiell Lapay
Mobile Number: 0917-822-7517 (GCash Alternative 0917-173-8601)
Email Address:

Cebuana Lhuillier
Palawan Express

G-Cash, If full, use GCash to Bank Transfer (bank account details above)

G-Cash Corporate (add 2.5% to use this)

PayMaya (QR CODE:
*For GCASH Payments over the counter (e.g. via 7-11), they charge 2% of the total payment, we will record the total amount received/reflected from our side, and charge balances accordingly.

Q12: Where can I submit copies of my payment?


Direct Link:

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