PRE-ORDER LuLu Pig x 7-ELEVEN Blind Box [Complete Set]

Vendor: Toy East
Item Name: PRE-ORDER Toy East - LuLu Pig x 7-ELEVEN Blind Box [Complete Set]Release Date: December 2020ETA: January 2021Order/Downpayment Deadline: November 20, 2020 or Until Supplies LastMinimum Downpayment: ₱1125Pre-Order Price:...


Item Name: PRE-ORDER Toy East - LuLu Pig x 7-ELEVEN Blind Box [Complete Set]
Release Date: December 2020
ETA: January 2021
Order/Downpayment Deadline: November 20, 2020 or Until Supplies Last
Minimum Downpayment: ₱1125
Pre-Order Price: ₱4709
Suggested Retail Price: ₱5540
*Minimum Downpayment is required to reserve a slot.*

Complete set of 12 with 7-11 Convenience Store Kit

7-Eleven Convenience Store Model Kit
  • The light box in the front of the model can be turned on. The main switch can be found in the back of the model
  • The door can be slide opened
  • The use of 7-Eleven's ocial trademark and designated colours is authorized by 7-Eleven
  • The packaging can be used as a backdrop design for the model
  • The model is equipped with street sign plug ins.

LuLu Contents/Variation

1A Mini fridge/ Refrigerator sets x Standing-on-head LuLu Pig

  • During a scorching summer, someone is staring at the fridge. Oh! is our groceries store staff-LuLu Pig, he cannot move away his eyes from the ice cream and he will try everything sneak into the fridge.
  • Feel free to open the door of the fridge and check up with LuLu Pig. (The fridge door are openable)
  • It comes with 7-Eleven’s signature pillars.

1B Mini ‘HOT SHOT’ cooking set x Lazy LuLu Pig

  • Instead of making fast-food for customers, lazy lulu pig is lying down and waiting for food comes to his mouth.
  • The exquisite HOT SHOT counter model was beautifully painted, with some realistic hot food.

1C Mini ‘SO FRESH’ Product fridge x Sleepy LuLu Pig

  • This adorable LuLu pig falling asleep with his belly after full set of meal.
  • You will be able to open the ‘SO FRESH’ Product fridge’s door, and to have a look of those fine detail of drinks and foods.

1D Mini ‘SO FRESH’ Product fridge x Sleepy LuLu Pig

  • Naught LuLu pig has transformed his style to Slurpee cup.
  • Press the back bottom of LuLu Pig Ice Cup to light it up.

2A Mini ‘HOT SHOT’ combination cabinet x Staff LuLu Pig

  • Staff LuLu Pig can put on the side of the combination cabinet.
  • ‘HOT SHOT’ Combination cabinet, with delightful and superb quality kitchenware in details.

2B Mini Slurpee machine x All you can drink-LuLu Pig

  • What an ice-cold Slurpee! LuLu pig cannot wait to taste it.
  • Mini Slurpee machine decorated with high details delightful Slurpee cup.

2C Mini Drink cabinet x Stretching lulu pig

  • Since there are too many kinds of drinks in the drink cabinet, lulu pig might need to have a good stretch before it makes the right decision.
  • The mini drink cabinet can be open from the left door, there will be tones of different drink in the cabinet waiting for you.

2D Mini boutique shelves set x Courier lulu Pig

  • Courier Lulu pigs’ hand can be placed on the trolly, which can show the simulate delivery process.
  • There will be different types of boutique which can be place in the boutique shelves.

3A Mini ice-cream fridge combo set

  • The top left door on the mini ice-cream fridge can be open.
  • LuLu Pig ‘s accessories can be put on the fridge or use separately.
  • Tiny faucet with plastic chair will be also come with this combo.

3B Mini checkout counter combo set x Cashier Lulu pig

  • The plastic chair can be placed under Cashier lulu pig in order to help him hang on the checkout counter.
  • This combo set will include all the equipment, like a real-life checkout counter.

3C Mini boutique cabinet set x Shop replenisher Lulu pig

  • Shop replenisher Lulu pig can be placed in the cardboard boxes since lulu pig is one of the boutiques.
  • There will be different types of boutique which can be place in the boutique cabinet, overload with cuteness.

3D Mini boutique shelves x magazine rack x microwave cabinet accessories
combo set

  • Different mini food shaped accessories can be placed in the boutique shelves.
  • There will be tones of mini magazines accessories on the mini magazine rack, it willlook so realistic.


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