PRE-ORDER Square Enix Masterline SEM-01 - NieR: Automata: Standard Ver. 1/4

Vendor: Prime 1 Studio
Item Name: PRE-ORDER Prime 1 Studio - Square Enix Masterline SEM-01 - NieR: Automata: Standard Ver. 1/4Release Date: March 2022ETA: April 2022Order Deadline: December 11, 2020 or until supplies lastMinimum...



Item Name: PRE-ORDER Prime 1 Studio - Square Enix Masterline SEM-01 - NieR: Automata: Standard Ver. 1/4
Release Date: March 2022
ETA: April 2022
Order Deadline: December 11, 2020 or until supplies last
Minimum Downpayment: ₱20000
Standard Price Range: ₱120000 - ₱125000
FREE SHIPPING (MM) * T&C applies
Minimum Downpayment to reserve a slot.

【Product Introduction】Absolute three-dimensional world created to celebrate 10 year anniversary of 『NieR』Series. High-end collectable new brand presents『SQUARE ENIX MASTERLINE』

The first collaboration piece with Japanese statue maker “Prime 1 Studio” will be from the dramatic action RPG masterpiece『NieR Automata』

The main characters “2B” ,”9S”, ”A2” as well as “NieR Automata” ‘s world are all summarized to one piece as a high-end collectable statue. From the characters to the base, everything is 3D modeled with high details that contain each element. The DX version has more aspects from the game that enables the recreation of each scene in different ways. “2B”, ”9S”, and ”A2” each have interchangeable head parts, “9S” has a left arm holding a cube. “2B” has an interchangeable lower body, and “A2” has interchangeable upper body parts. We want to show the details with the massive volume, the painting that brings the characters to life, and bring a world to you that is dedicated to bring excitement when you look at it.

Planning・Sales distribution:SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.
Manufacturer:Prime 1 Studio CO., LTD.
This Product is NOT available for sale on Prime 1 Studio’s website.

・The pictures are prototype samples, they may differ from final product.
・Based on the monitor you are using, the color of the product might appear different.
・As soon as we finish preparing our shipment, we will start shipping, however, the shipping day might delay due to production schedule. We ask your understanding before pre-ordering the product.
・Blade parts or any parts that can break or lead injury will be made with ABS material for safety regards.
・Each product is painted by hand, therefore there may be individual differences amongst products. We ask your understanding before pre-ordering.
・There may be changes in specifications.
・The weight is a reference. The actual product weight may differ.
・Displaying your product on a glass display case or shelf will be dangerous.

Product Specifications:
*Prices indicated are only price range/estimates and can vary slightly upon release date/arrival month.
**The release date provided above is only tentative and may subject to change
***Minimum DP specified under pricing


希望小売価格: \268,000(税抜)/ $2,699
■発売予定日: 2022年/3月
・頭部差し替えパーツ 2B頭部(戦闘用ゴーグル ON/OFF)

ハイエンドコレクタブル新ブランド『SQUARE ENIX MASTERLINE』
メインキャラクター“2B” “9S” “A2”と”NieR:Automata”の世界感を纏め上げ一つの作品として制作したハイエンドコレクタブルスタチュー。



PKG:2BOX 1/2:670*320*870mm 2/2:690*320*900mm 
CTN:2BOX 1/2:710*360*910mm 2/2:720*360*940mm 


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